Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting, a site dedicated to provide the best information regarding our service.

We understand the importance of protecting the privacy of our visitors. With that in mind, this is a Privacy Policy design to protect you, the visitors, of this site. On this Privacy Policy we will be explaining our information practices and the rights you have on the way your information is collected and used by

What information do we collect…?

All visitors of have the opportunity to engage in various activities which are; contact us, give your opinion, and/or enter into future prize draws. The types of information collected from these activities are; name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number.

What is the purpose of collecting personal information??

At, we would like to know and keep a record of our visitors. Collecting our visitor’s personal information is only for the purpose of keeping record and responding to inquiries regarding services and/or prize draws.  We do not share the information collected with any third party organization, company, business, and/or entity.

We will only disclose information when require by law or a response to a law enforcement agency. This Privacy Notice is intended to protect the rights of visitor’s personal information. We will do our best to safe guard this information from unauthorized disclosure, however we cannot assure that personal information will not be disclosed in a manner which compromises the Privacy Policy. This may occur in a situation where an entity misrepresents itself to access personal information for the correction of data and/or the use of personal information relevant to law enforcement.

Cookies… but not a snack

The name “cookie” is defined as a text file with information to enhance user experience while browsing the web, not as a snack. Although it’s nice to eat a cookie every now and then, these cookies are for the browser to know user information and preferences for websites. Cookies do not store personal information, however websites may link personal information to the information stored on the cookie file(s). 

Cookies are also used to understand internet usage and to improve content, offerings, and advertisements. For example, a user may access a website and be shown information, advertising, offerings, or any other sort of relevant data that is to the best interest of the viewer.  This is designed to enhance the user experience and provide conveniences.